About Our Staff

Home Care Assistance of Massachusetts was founded in 2007 with the commitment to give back to the community. The owners of the business have many years of management experience, professional health certification and the passion to put their client’s needs before their own. Their business provides home care services across the Greater Boston and MetroWest areas as well as on Cape Cod and the Islands, with operations based out of their main office in Wellesley Hills. A brief profile of each of the owners is provided below.


Carolyn Gelineau R.Ph
Vice President of Client Services

Carolyn is a licensed, professional pharmacist in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. She is the business’s primary Client Care Coordinator and voice of the business’ radio and television advertising. She takes most of our client telephone calls, assesses their needs, visits with clients and their families in their homes or hospitals and works closely with Larry and the rest of their team to identify the most appropriate caregivers for our clients’ needs. She started this business after several years of pharmacy experience and a desire to monitor and advance the care of her patients; something that was becoming increasingly difficult in our insurance-mediated country. Additional personal experiences with her grandmother’s sub-adequate stay in a nursing home many years ago before home care was widely available caused Carolyn to seek out a better solution for our aging families. Carolyn is thrilled to finally be making a real difference in the lives of our clients and of their families.


Larry Levine

Larry is responsible for the business’s staffing, finance, operations and marketing activities. Larry collaborates with Carolyn on ensuring that the business’s marketing message is correct and is well-received by the community as well as manages the overall day to day operations of the business. His years of experience as a business and product manager in high tech firms give Larry the skills necessary for this role. Larry’s own family experiences with his own 107 year old grandmother caused him to seek out better solutions to elder care. Over 30 years ago when his grandmother first needed care in her home, the home care industry did not exist. It was a scary prospect for his family to consider who the state would send each week. Larry is happy that he and Carolyn are able to make a difference in the lives of elders across Massachusetts.