Holiday Warning Signs – When Is Home Care Needed for your Elderly Loved One?

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The holidays represent a time of coming together for families and friends.  While the festive season brings traditions, food and drink, it also provides families with an opportunity to check-up on the well being of elderly parents and loved ones.  Home Care Assistance of Massachusetts finds that during extra time spent with elderly loved ones, families often discover they are beginning to require assistance with routine activities of daily living.  Concerned family members can look for warning signs in three key areas that may indicate the need for Massachusetts home care.

Changes in Personal Appearance

Certain changes in personal appearance may indicate that your loved one is unable to live alone safely.  For instance, noticeable weight loss could be a sign of difficulty cooking, eating or shopping for food.  Noticeable burns on the skin could also indicate they have experienced problems with cooking.  Additionally, if your loved one has bruises or cuts on their arms or legs, they may have trouble walking or moving from place to place at home.

Untidy and Cluttered Living Environment

The living environment of your elderly loved one can provide you with physical clues that they may need additional assistance.  If the yard has not been maintained as is usually is, the house interior is messy, or there is unopened mail and unpaid bills scattered throughout the home, your loved one may be having difficulty completing regular tasks.

Decline in Mental State

While elderly individuals do experience some memory loss, a chronic inability to remember items can indicate the need for specialty assistance.  Common in elderly individuals, early signs of dementia can include confusion, memory loss and rapid mood swings or changes in behavior.  Additionally, if you are speaking with your loved one and they are unable to complete a sentence, or are unaware they are repeating themselves, specialty dementia or Alzheimer’s care in Massachusetts can provide the necessary assistance.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs in a parent or elderly loved one, contact us at 781-239-0060 and speak with a Care Manager to schedule free in-home consultation.  Our assessment provides you with an invaluable tool for determining whether Weston home care, from a professional and certified caregiver, is necessary and which hourly or live-in care plans will best meet your loved one’s needs.


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