A Smoother Transition from the Hospital to Post-Hospital Home Care

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Statistics show that as many as 35 percent of seniors who have been discharged from the hospital are readmitted within 90 days. Readmission is often a result of not following the doctor’s recommendations, failing to follow the medicinal instructions and a poor recovery environment. Post-hospital home care in Massachusetts provides a smoother transition for the hospital patient’s recovery process and can often help to avoid readmission into the hospital.

Avoid Readmission and Encourage Recovery

With post-hospital home care, the senior will be able to recover completely in the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of their own home, while receiving the adequate level of care recommended upon leaving the hospital. The professional caregiver is trained to assist the senior in avoiding readmission and in promoting a speedy recovery. Caregivers ensure that the senior follows all medicinal introductions prescribed by the doctor, attends all required follow-up appointments and participates in recommended therapy exercises that will promote healing. Seniors should eat a healthy and appropriate diet and receive companionship and support throughout the recovery process.

If you are looking for post-hospital home care in Massachusetts, Home Care Assistance of Massachusetts provides professional caregivers who promote a faster and more comfortable recovery for seniors. Our, From Hospital to Home Care booklet offers practical advice on caring for an aging loved one who has been hospitalized. This comprehensive overview is a valuable resource for overcoming the challenges associated with transitioning from hospital to home. These important steps are provided with valuable information and resources:

1. Explanation of the discharge process.
2. Important components for healing associated with specific medical conditions.
3. An explanation of the unique needs of post-hospitalized patients.
4. An explanation of the importance home care plays in the patient’s recovery process, outcome and quality of life.

This booklet is an important resource that arms families with the powerful tools needed to navigate the healthcare system and the discharge process in order to provide the best home care in Massachusetts, for patients who desire to remain in their own home. Post-hospital home care provides a faster recovery for seniors. Many times an elderly patient’s recovery following a hospitalization due to a medical procedure or illness is quite lengthy. The assistance of a professional caregiver will promote post hospitalization recovery and well-being.


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