Our Specialized Stroke Care Promotes a Better Recovery Period for Seniors in Massachusetts

Recovering from a stroke is a difficult process, which poses a variety of new challenges. For those who have suffered a stroke, it can be one of the most trying periods of his or her life. The stresses and unexpected challenges can make it even harder to adapt to the new situation. Fortunately, the care providers at Home Care Assistance of Massachusetts can help. Our specialized post-stroke care helps promote a faster recovery period and ensures the overall well-being of our clients. Our stroke recovery care services include:

  • A consultation between your Care Manager, physician and rehabilitation therapist
  • Assistance with daily activities such as cooking, bathing and housekeeping
  • Support in physical, occupational and/or speech therapy
  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Transportation for follow-up appointments and errands
  • Providing a positive and safe environment for recovery
  • Companionship and encouraging social interaction

Stroke Survivors Face Many Obstacles During Their Recovery

Each stroke is unique and has a different effect on the stroke victim. However, most commonly a stroke results in weakness or even complete loss of muscle control in certain areas, making it almost impossible for the patient to go through their daily routine. Brain damage can also occur, resulting in memory loss, altered senses, difficulty with verbal communication and confusion. Most seniors who have survived a stroke require daily care and need assistance eating, bathing, and even moving from one room to another. Occupational, physical and/or speech therapy is also an essential part of recovery, allowing the stroke survivor to regain their abilities that were lost due to the stroke.

Helping Stroke Victims Overcome Daily Challenges

Home Care Assistance is committed to providing exceptional care for stroke victims in Massachusetts. Our highly trained caregivers provide specialized stroke recovery care and assistance wherever it is necessary, whether at home, in a senior care facility or at the hospital. Our stroke care services include personal assistance in activities of daily living, therapy support and reminders to take medication, transportation and human companionship. Our caregivers will work together with the patient’s doctor and therapists to construct a unique plan for recovery.

Call to speak with a Care Manager today at (781) 239-0060 for a faster and more comfortable stroke recovery period at home.