Wellesley Home Care Provides Respite for Family Caregivers

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The aging process often leaves elderly individuals with several unfamiliar disabilities and challenges.  A spectrum of routine activities once performed with ease now cause disruption in their daily living.  Close friends and family are commonly called upon to assist their loved ones in these instances.

What may first begin as part time care for your elderly loved one, can suddenly evolve into more extensive care.  Over time, family caregivers tend to focus only on the care of their elderly loved one and begin to neglect their personal wellbeing.  Symptoms such as depression due to lack of social activity, constant exhaustion, the inability to sleep, and frequent irritability, occur in family caregivers who have become overwhelmed with the hardships of caregiving.  These symptoms, which may not be noticeable initially, can cause poor health in caregivers as well as the inability to provide adequate care for your loved one. For the mental and physical wellbeing of both parties, enlisting outside help may be the best option.  Wellesley home care, provided by Home Care Assistance of Massachusetts, can be the solution to your caregiving problems.

If you are considering a home care in Wellesley, MA for your elderly loved one, our dedicated caregivers offer respite for family caregivers who are overwhelmed with the burdens of constant daily care.  Receiving help does not indicate any personal failure on your part as a caregiver; some situations simply require additional assistance and knowledge. Home care plans can be customized to include hourly or full time care, allowing family caregivers to choose the assistance schedule that corresponds to their loved one’s needs.  Additionally, Massachusetts in home care is the ideal solution for seniors who need twenty four hour care.  This enables family caregivers to continue their personal lives with less stress.  Knowing their loved one is receiving constant and elevated levels of care, provides relief and peace of mind for our clients and their families.

No matter what problems or illness your loved one is facing, our personalized home care services will provide the proper care and attention necessary.  In addition to companionship and performing household activities and chores, our responsible and highly trained caregivers can provide specialized care for individuals who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Family caregiving is a difficult responsibility that no one should have to take on alone.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a Care Manager and discuss what home care plan will best assist in overcoming the difficulties your loved one encounters.  Our caregivers will provide respite and support offering you and your loved one a healthier and more fulfilled way of life.



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